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Integrated Crowdfunding Services

Our innovative ICS program allows you to launch your campaign on multiple crowdfunding platforms seamlessly.

Kickstarter is America's  #1 crowdfunding platform. There have been 257,000 funded campaigns with over 9.4 million backers. 

"Help bring creative projects to life."

Indiegogo is the second largest crowdfunding platform in the U.S. and has raised millions of dollars for campaigns in over 70 countries. 

"Crowdfund innovation"

Makuake is Japan's largest crowdfunding platform. With over 1,000 campaigns lauched, it has raised  $16 million in the past year.

"Support from the beginning."

Ulule has over 1.7 million registered users and has audiences from a variety of widespread European countries.

"Bring good ideas to life."

Pozible is an Australian crowdfunding platform that has hosted over 10,000 projects and has raised over $40 million for projects.

"We crowdfund awesome stuff."

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