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Our Mission

At Swing N' Up, we are passionate about helping great projects reach global expansion. In today's multimedia world, reaching larger audiences has become increasingly important. We believe an integrated crowdfunding approach is vital to bringing products and projects to masses. We want to uplift our clients and allow them to reach new distribution channels to expand their business models and reach their goals. 

Raising ample funds in order to advance production and/or implementation one of the ultimate goals of crowdfunding. By launching one campaign on multiple platforms, our clients can raise an increased amount of funds, which effects the economies of scale positively. With more finances, the development and manufacturing can be made more seamless. 

Almost every sector of today's market is expanding at fast rates. In order to keep our clients relevant and at the top of their niche markets, we strive to help them launch their products successfully on multiple channels. Each experience with crowdfunding also serves as a growing and learning experience for many of the startup executives who engage in our programs, as they gain insight into the marketplace, their competitors, and how to market their product to their desired target audience through a digital platform. 

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