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Ulule is a European crowdfunding platform that was founded in October 2010 by Alexander Boucherot and Thomas Grange in France. The platform has users from over 194 countries and functions on a model similar to that of Kickstarter. Ulule strives to empower creators and entrepreneurs on a large scale. Although their headquarters are located in France, they have offices in Paris, Montreal, Rome, Barcelona, and Antwerp. The company has grown exponentially and even launched an Ulule tour for European crowdfunding connoisseurs to meet and network. They have audiences all over the world, with an emphasis on Europe.


In 2012, Ulule surpassed 1,000 funded projects. Media-related projects tend to be the most popular and successful on Ulule, although they cater content to a diverse array of projects that range from audiovisual to music creation, through heritage, solidarity and entrepreneurship. Some of their most prominent campaigns are Noob the Movie, FDP Tubonia, Stupeflip, Maliki Blog, and As Agreed.  

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